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Top manga from the Manga-news editorial staff – week 2, January 14, 2022

For its first weekly of 2022, the honors the essential Rumiko Takahashi, saluting the excellence of the 2nd and last opus of his darkest and most mature work: mermaid forest.

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Ao Ashi 6:
“Reading Ao Ashi is still just as addictive here. The formula remains classic, but the tone, the element of realism still present, the rhythm, the gallery of lively secondary characters, or even the passion that Ashito constantly exudes , are all factors that make the rise of the young boy irresistible. And yet, it is a completely different surprising turn that this rise could take, in view of the very last pages particularly stimulating!

Innocent Red 12:
“The home stretch of Innocent Rouge exudes a lot of visual and narrative power, in addition to offering a logical ending that turns out to be quite satisfying, and leaves a strong impression. It will be possible, depending on taste, to find that Shinichi Sakamoto sometimes goes far in his metaphors, but the fact is that he went to the end of his idea, by developing powerful and fascinating subjects and characters through the prism of this very troubled period of French history .”

Kaguya-sama: Love is War 7:
“In a true arc chronicling the new elections of the BDE, Aka Akasaka manages to strengthen its formula even more, without ever denying its humor or its famous “duels of love”, but by granting the title an additional sincerity and by deepening the characters and their reflections. It’s funny, touching and sometimes moving, as the series continues to improve with each volume.”

Orochi 4:
“A last successful volume for Orochi, of which we will keep fond memories. An important source for certain authors, starting with Junji Itô (if only for its narrative scheme which somewhat inspired Tomie), the work arrives in France with its 50 years in the legs and can then seem a little easy on certain events, but it remains a cornerstone of Kazuo Umezu’s career, and has lost almost none of its graphic power.

Yona, Princess of Dawn 34:
“By offering a number of revelations, this volume arises as a hinge in the plot. And the fact is that the author leads this excellently: everything is coherent and rich, the characters come out well deepened, and behind the stakes are intensified because Yona, as King Hiryû, now also has the clear mission to put an end to the dramatic spirals inherited from this past.

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Mermaid Saga 2:
“Mermaid Saga confirms, with this second volume, that it is a series of high quality and really apart in the career of Rumiko Takahashi. The mangaka, in addition to delivering summits in terms of narration, knows how to offer deep stories, approaching with richness and nuances the notion of immortality among other things, and knowing how to bring varied and contrasting emotions through always successful characters.”

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